What's shakin' bacon? Thanks for checking out my work!

Photo by Haley Eaglestar Photography


Is my house a living space or a jungle? There's no way to know. My faves are my hoya, pothos, and my elephant ear!


My actual comfort show. Every time I finish a new show, I go back and watch the OG. I think I may actually just be a taller Stevie.


I was a barista for over 3 years, and when I love something, I go hard. HMU for the best coffee spots in Milwaukee, and where to go for the best espresso tonic (which is undoubtedly the best way to drink espresso).

Honestly, art just flows out of me when I'm behind the camera. It gives me immeasurable joy to be able to share my gifts and create art for others. Becoming a part of someone's family history in photos is just the coolest thing to me. I love being a photographer, and I can't wait to create art with you!

I have three. Earl, Leona, and Shady Lady. Currently creating a PowerPoint and refining my seduction techniques to convince my husband that we need a fourth.

A fluffy black kitty.

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