My name's Janae. Here are some quick facts about me.

I had to stop drinking coffee on a daily basis because I was drinking so much I couldn't sleep. It was heartbreaking. Espresso is my favorite.

Last time my boyfriend counted I had 43. Eek. I have to keep them away from my cats (which is no easy feat) because one of them enjoys munching.

I still log onto Runescape every day. 

I worked at Culver's for almost 2 years to save up the money to buy my first DSLR. Holding it in my hands for the first time made all those nights of coming home smelling like fryer grease WORTH IT.

I have a passion for romance, and I think it's what makes me a great photographer, and not just for weddings. Even though I've photographed many proclamations of love, it never loses its magic to me. Every first kiss gives me chills, every first dance makes me cry. Capturing precious memories like these is so special, and I'm so honored to do it professionally.

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