I would describe my style as moody, film-inspired, romantic and timeless. I deliver a perfect blend of posed, formal shots with fun candids that create a beautiful album that captures and tells the story of your wedding day or portrait session. I like to play with shadows and sunlight, and I love to shoot at golden hour right before sunset for super dreamy vibes. 


It's super easy! I use an online service called Honeybook where all of my important client information, emails, timelines, contracts, and everything else lives. When you're ready to book me, I send over an online contract for you to sign, which includes all my terms, all your package information, and it's also where you pay! I accept credit, debit, and bank transfers. For weddings, I require 30% of your package total down at signing to block out your date on my calendar. I can split the rest of your total into as many payments as you need, but the default is 3. Please contact me if you have any questions about anything!


It depends! For hour-long photos sessions, I usually deliver somewhere in the realm of 50-100 photos. For weddings, I usually deliver 500 photos, but sometimes more. As for the photos you get, you are able to download and have all of them— you don't have to pick and choose! I deliver photos online via Pixieset, and you can create a list of favorites, share your gallery, and order prints. 


Because I am super passionate about what I do! I'm funny and quirky, and great at making people feel comfortable in front of my camera. My biggest goal as a photographer is to get unique and authentic photos of YOU, meaning that I take the time to get to know you, and make you laugh, and I don't cycle through the same poses over and over again— I let my clients guide me. I'm a huge believer in the vibes you get off meeting someone for the first time, and finding someone that you click with and that you like is super important when it comes to choosing a photographer. I want you to trust me to handle the photos so you can have fun getting married!


I have a two-three week turnaround time for weddings & portraits, and I try to get a sneak peek of your session out within 24 hours!


No. Every photo that I deliver to my clients has been hand-chosen and edited by me to perfection. My photos and my style are my trademark, and anything with my name on it reflects my brand. As per my contract, if you hire me, you are agreeing that all the photos I deliver will look like I edited them. And sometimes, the photos I take don't turn out, whether it be the pose, the light, or whatever, and I only want to deliver the best! 


It really depends on the wedding and the couple, but most people book me for 8 hours, and it's enough to capture everything. This is a big part of my wedding consultations, so please contact me to set one up and we can chat about your day and I can give you a better answer. :)


I live northwest of Milwaukee, WI, so I usually travel in about a hundred mile radius of that, which includes Madison and Chicago and all the places in-between. But I love to travel! But as a rule of thumb, if your event is happening farther than 2.5 hours away from Milwaukee, I will need a bed!


This is a tricky one. If I'm being completely honest, I have a big of a problem with creative control (😂). I'm used to working on my own and covering all the bases by myself. I like to call the shots (lol), and I thrive under the pressure of a wedding day. That being said, if a 2nd shooter is something that you really want, I have some amazing people I work with when the time comes. I can also explain this a little better in person over a consult hahaha. 


Yup!!! I am TOTALLY willing to send proof if you need it. I wear a mask and social distance as much as I possibly can. 


So yeah, COVID sucks for everyone. Basically, I call the shots on an as-needed basis. But basically my policy is I will be absolutely as flexible with you as I can be. I've been navigating this weird season with you too. If you need to postpone, or cancel, or reschedule or whatever comes up, please just call me/email me ASAP and we will figure it out, I promise. 💛


No. I don't really have an off season. I am not willing to negotiate my prices, because being a photographer is a ton of work. When you choose to book me, you're paying for my art but also for my experience and knowledge. I am always willing to work with people within a budget, but I can't compromise my worth. Shoot me an email if you want to talk about prices more! 😊 

That's all I can think of now! I will be adding more as they roll in. And of course, if a question comes up that isn't addressed here, please reach out to me! Via my contact page here onsite or shoot me an email at janaekatherinephotography@gmail.com 😊