When I started getting serious about making photography my career and starting a business, I knew school of some sort was the next step. I found the New York Institute of Photography (NYIP) online, recommended to me by various photography blogs I follow. I enrolled in the Portrait Photography class, and right away started reaping the benefits. About a year and a half later, I enrolled in the Wedding Photography class as well. In both, I had an instructor assigned to me who had many years of experience as a professional photographers, and they both meticulously poured over my projects and gave me invaluable feedback. One of the best things about NYIP classes is that I worked at my own pace, often in random bursts and spikes of concentrated energy, and that was ok. There are no set deadlines, other than the 18 months they give you to finish your class(es) in their entirety. The classes also cater to different learning styles, mixing reading up with videos from other successful photographers giving you tips and tricks, little quizzes at the end of each learning sequence, and hands-on photo projects at the end of every unit. 

In short, I would highly recommend NYIP classes to any photographer that wants to learn more about the art of photography. NYIP offers a lot of different classes, including some for beginners, one on Photoshop, Videography, and so much more. 

Check out the courses here:

Portrait Photography

Wedding Photography