Janae Katherine Photography offers a unique photographic experience for incredible, fun-loving people, by providing treasured and timeless photography. The magic of moments. First kisses, milestones, whispered laughs, and deepest love. Photographs stand the test of time when memories begin to fade and stories are passed on. I love sharing moments captured through my eyes. The joy I feel inside every time I step behind the camera, and the joy I feel in others when I deliver finished portraits is indescribable. That makes every second worth it.


Let's be real here— I'm the only one on the team who does the work around here, unless demanding scratches and crawling on keyboards is considered work. But as much as I love my fuzzy sidekicks, there's something really special about being behind the camera.


"I am in awe of our photos..."


"Our wedding (was) an absolute DREAM..."


"Janae is incredibly talented. Her style is unique, classic and romantic-- exactly what we wanted.."